How To Remove Bathroom Mould Without Chemicals

It is bacteria that naturally exist in everyone’s bathroom that causes mould in the right conditions.  The moist, warm air that gets trapped after a shower or bath creates perfect conditions for that bacteria to bloom.  To reduce the mould in the first place you can take steps to reduce the amount of moisture and…

Why Garlic Is A Gardeners Best Friend

Garlic is one of those plants whose use in Australia has increased dramatically over the last twenty years.  Garlic – which belongs to the onion family is added as a seasoning for many foods across so many cultures. There is some debate about the origins of Garlic, but most agree that the general region is…

Best Varieties for a Raised-Bed Vegetable Garden

The easiest plants to grow in raised-bed vegetable gardens include beans, Silverbeet, corn, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, squash, and radishes, but you want to be sure that your family likes them first!

How to Care for Garden Birds

Wild birds are important for your garden ecology, and your garden are equally vital to the survival of our bird species in built-up areas.  Urbanisation has dramatically affected the habitat for birds, and creating a rich bird vegetation in your garden creates a respite.

How to Grow Fresh Herbs

If you enjoy cooking like me then you’ll always want some fresh herbs on-hand to throw into your favourite dish. To cut down my grocery bills, I decided to grow my own in a small herb garden on my flat’s sunny balcony.