Avoid These Vegetable Garden Mistakes

There are three mistakes you could be making with your vegetable gardens. When you arrest them you’ll have more vibrant and productive yields. Consider these three common mistakes that people make when they plant their vegetable gardens.


Overcrowding is a common problem – and even the most seasoned gardeners often run to this problem. Gardeners try to grow more than their garden bed will sustain. The garden starts out healthy but it’s as the plant matures the root systems start to compete with each other as the roots grow, resulting in under maturing plants. The likely reason before this is the plentiful number of seeds that arrive in a packet. The solution to this problem is to refer to the growing instructions and know the right planting space for each seed type you add to your garden bed. The result will be a better growing garden, with maximised yields.

Ignore Nature

Ignoring nature is the second problem. Our gardens are not like a farm, and pests ensure a constant challenge for gardeners. Companion planting, of the right plant varieties will keep pests at bay. Scientific studies show mixing up crop families can confuse pests. Organic planters will want to ensure they have non-toxic solutions in play to prevent overrun by persistent pests.

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Plant Everything at Once

Planting everything at the same time is another common mistake. Vegetable gardeners are at the mercy of the weather as well as all the pests wanting their next feed. So the solution here is don’t put your eggs in one basket and plant a proportion of your crop every couple of weeks throughout the planting season. This ensures that not only do you have a regular maturing yield throughout the harvest period, but you have the opportunity to overcome seasonal planting hazards in the early part of the season. This means you don’t loose all your crop is something does happen to go wrong.

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