How to Attract Birds into Your Garden

As our suburban sprawl encroaches on natural bird habitats more of our natural environment is receding. This process of urban sprawl is having an effect on our bird life.

Attracting birds to your property is full of rewards for you, your family and your garden.  By creating a safe habitat with food, places to nest and water you can attract birds that will enhance your garden and improve the ecological diversity in your backyard.

It is possible though to attract birds to your yard, through bird friendly yard design. Birds love many types of foods including reptiles, fruit and seeds and so all of these should be included in your garden design.

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Providing nesting areas and materials to build nests is also essential.  Growing plants that provide shelter, like thorny plants and plants with dense foliage create safe havens for birds.

For most of us however, we are looking for an easier solution. The easiest way to start is to put out some water and food.  It’s amazing what birds will eat, from leftover food scraps like pieces of meat and rice, to bread and seeds.

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Bird Houses creates a safe space for smaller birds, and these beautiful products can be hung from tree branches or under awnings closer to your house.  A Feeding House creates a space for birds to feed on seed you place inside. Products like the Rice Scoop are excellent for feeding extra rice, and the Eco Bird feeder is perfect for birds to pick over your leftover apple cores.

With all of these it’s important that you have these in a place where wildlife and your domestic pets will not disturb them, so keep them up high and away from ledges and other places cats can climb.  Position them close to bushes and dense growth so birds have a place to flee if predators come.

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In terms of buying bird seed for your feeder, you will be able to buy different types of seed at your local pet supplier. Take a look at the birds coming into your yard. Wild mix may be sufficient, but if you have cockatiels or parrots you may choose that blend of seed mix instead.

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