What to do in the Garden this February

In some parts of Australia, February can be one of the hottest months so you really need to watch your garden like a hawk. For other areas it can start getting quite cool, so you have to keep your wits about you. Ensuring you’re watering efficiently, every corner of your garden, is essential.  Grey water will help you save on bills  Often the holidays are over and kids are back to school, so if you’re part of the working army then you need to get back into the watering routine. If you are away get your friends to help out.  Pruning summer flowering shrubs is key this time of year to ensure they stay in great shape.

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  1. Cut back any plants you don’t want to seed
  2. Begin planting your autumn bulbs
  3. Harvest late summer vegetables as they mature
  4. Extract and pot your strawberry runners
  5. Prune your roses and fertilise for autumn blooms
  6. Cut and dry floral arrangements
  7. Thin-out vigorously growing pot plants
  8. As the days cool across Australia, stop applying fertilizer
  9. Plant chrysanthemums in containers
  10. Pot your fuchsia, and other hybrid cuttings

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