Quinoa for Beginners

Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) is a seed-based Super Food which is excellent for your digestive system and energy.  It originated in the Andean region of Ecuador, Bolivia, Columbia and Peru and was initially domesticated for human consumption about 3000 years ago. In recent years it has become globally recognised and the United Nations General Assembly declared…

Declare War On Weeds!

It’s War! When the warmer weather arrives so do the weeds in your lawn and garden. They are nasty. They disrupt the kerb appeal of your property and can quickly take over if you don’t keep the under control. Weeds also steal important nutrients from your pots, your lawn and the gardens you spend your…

What type of Garden is Right for Me?

If you’re uncertain about the type of garden that would be right for your situation, then know you’re not alone. There are many different types of gardens and gardening.  It’s not just as simple as choosing the tranquil pleasures of a flower garden, or the utility of a vegetable garden – there are many factors…

8-Steps For Couples To Save Money

Regardless of what you’re saving for; a rainy day, a house deposit or an overseas vacation, being a couple doesn’t have to be about spending lots of money. In fact, saving money is something that you can enjoy doing as a couple.

One simple trick to lower your household electricity bill

There aren’t many households without a fridge these days, and it may surprise you to know that your household bill can vary greatly depending on how efficiently you run your fridge. The average 400-500 litre fridge in Australia costs about $165 a year to run. That’s a lot of money. If your fridge temperature is…

How to Replant Your Roses

With winter fading again for another year, you can now start thinking about getting your rose garden sorted. Roses have many hybrids and species – from the compact miniatures to larger varieties with bigger blooms but the real fascination with roses is their wonderful perfume.

Bokashi for Beginners

Bokashi is a Japanese method of composting that uses a mix of microorganisms to cover food waste while it ferments – reducing the smell of composting.

The Three Types of Garden Herbs

There are three basic types of herbs – herbaceous, evergreen, and annual. The type of herb will depend on how it grows, what type of plant it is, and its habits.

How to Attract Birds into Your Garden

Attracting birds to your property is full of rewards for you, your family and your garden.  By creating a safe habitat with food, places to nest and water you can attract birds that will enhance your garden and improve the ecological diversity in your backyard.

How to Grow Your Own Strawberries

Strawberries are one of the easiest fruits to grow and what a thrill it is to be able to announce to your friends and dinner guests that you grew them yourself!